I have been a fan of Lazerhawk since his first EP "Redline."  I approached Lazer in regards to working with him on his next project, we were both very excited to collaborate needless to say.  I had a couple of ideas for his logo which are shown below, however we both really liked the idea of a hawk being formed from the letter which was from a quick sketch I created.  After we were happy with a logo we moved onto the cover art.  He wanted to have a "UFO abduction theme," with a silhouetted figure being lifted into a ship. I originally made a very clean image with a lens flare however Lazerhawk wanted more of an 80's feel and it to feel more like is was on an old VHS tape regenerated several times.  Our team work paid off with the final image for the "Visitors" album.
Animated 80s cartoon Logo I created in flash.
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