WWE and Mattel collaborated this year in a friendly competition to create our own Rey Rumbler Toys.  This has been a yearly tradition at Mattel as each artist in the creative staff has been able to freely create their own version of the new up and coming toys, last years toy was Batman for example.   WWE and Mattel started producing a line of wrestling toys and merchandise this year.  In good grace Mattel offered us at WWE creative the opportunity to join in on the fun.  WWE creative welcomed the offer with great enthusiasm.  The final Toys were displayed at the Pay-Per-Views events for everyone to enjoy.
Original Mold.
Concept Sketch.
Final Toy.

The shoulder pads are cut plexiglass drilled and mounted with spikes.  I shape formed them with a heat gun to round them to fit the shoulders and then spray painted them black.  I cut faux fur to lace the bottom of the shoulder pads as well as hand cut suede tassels.  The 619 title belt is Sculpey numbers formed separately and mounted with glue to a plexiglass base which is stitched to the leather.  The leather belt I hand cut and mounted with studs and a button in the back for removal if needed.  The left arm band is cut leather the mounted studs and spikes.  The right arm piece is Sculpey with mounted studs and spikes.  Kneepads are Sculpey with mounted studs on top.  
Size reference.
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